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EyeCard Monsters

EyeCard Animals is a hybrid card game that can be played using the free EyeCard Animals app on your phone or tablet. Your child will enjoy learning the names of 52 different animals, as well as practicing listening, reading and spelling skills, using a fun, hands-on approach to learning.

EyeCard - hands on learning for a digital age.

Ages 6 - 15
iPhone, iPad

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Learning - the fun way!

Your kids will learn the names of 20 different monsters, along with the alphabet, reading, listening, and problem-solving skills... and they won't even know they're studying! Games are able to be set to display either uppercase or lowercase letters, as well as including changeable speed and time settings, so that your kids can enjoy learning no matter their age or skill level!

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Play with all animal cards, or divide the deck into different groups.

Group A

One animal for each letter of the alphabet.

Group B

All remaining animals except for those with consonant digraphs in their names.

Group C

Animals with consonant digraphs in their names.

One app, five different games!
Hidden Picture Website Clip.gif

Hidden Picture

The squares disappear and an animal is revealed underneath.

Revealed Word Website Clip.gif

Revealed Word

The name of an animal slowly appears across the screen.

Spoken Word Website Clip.gif

Spoken Word

Listen carefully for which animal is said.

Scramble Website Clip.gif


Unscramble the letters to find the name of an animal.

Who am I Website Clip.gif

Who am I?

Read the clues and guess the animal.

EyeCard - Animals for iOS


EyeCard - Animals for Android

Coming Soon to Android

iOS 13 or above required

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